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K-fashion, photography, anime, & pixiv art.

Semi-hiatus; queue is always on.
2/27 - theme changed
2/28 - ♡ baby brother is born ♡
3/23 - added music
4/6 - changed sidebar

- make a follow forever when i reach 7k
- edit more photography
- edit more k-fashion


there should be a tumblr cafe, where we all gather and blog, over tea and donuts.


you know what the stupidest award is

perfect attendance

why should you be rewarded for having a superior immune system and never catching a virus okay it’s not exactly my fault that I’m not perfect and I gotta work it

where is my award for not murdering anyone all four years of high school since we’re giving out pointless awards here


ya but have u ever seen brown eyes when they’re in the sun??? they literally turn gold like screw those lame ass blue and green motherfuckers gettin all the love

Anonymous wondered: You're Katsumi S. on that site right? I signed up via your link so it should have given you whatever you were looking for. c:

Yup that’s mee~ Thanks so much sweetheart~ <3

Dear followers, please read!



If you have the time, please click this link   image

Where it asks to put a code or someone that “referred” you, please put my invite code: KS591195 or if it already has it, just click enter.

It would help me a BUNCH! Every person counts! And I think you might, might have to sign up. I hope that’s okay. It only takes a moment, but I swear, the website is LEGIT. (This is wear I get my game cards) Anyways, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me! Thank youuuuuuuuu! image

P.S. I just noticed that if you sign up, it’s 100 coins, but if you reach the Silver level (1,000 for you, which isn’t hard to get) I get the 500 coins which equals overall to 600. But that’s if you want to reach that, it’s all up to you. Thank you~