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7/18 - finished summer theme
7/19 - added a 'tutorial' page.

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*deletes selfie like it never happened*

Anonymous wondered: Hey, where did you get your theme and can you give me the link or the credits of that little list on the left side at the bottom of your page? Please. Sorry for the bother. x3

I got my theme from hanachu and the little list here: http://ocehans.tumblr.com/mu

My ask.fm

Because tumblr has probably already eaten way too many of my messages and I reply late anyways, I’ve decided to make a page just for asks! I will be using that page instead and you can ask anything you want as long as it’s not too personal, so ask away!

happinessanonymous wondered: I really like your edits- they're very pretty! Keep smiling :)

Thank you! <3

Anonymous wondered: u r a qt3.14
Anonymous wondered: 2 qt 5 mê
Anonymous wondered: your blog is so cute I bet you're super cute in rl too <3

Aw thanks but don’t get your hopes up